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Game driven innovation

tisdag, april 19th, 2011

In a recently report Gartner state that games will be used to drive innovations, an old phenomenon but interesting.  One of the most interesting stories is about how LEGO made an amazing turnaround some years back, and in the new spirit started to invited their customers to design and customize their own LEGO via Internet. And not just that, they also released a complete new highly interactive and flexible platform Mindstorm encouraging customers to design and develop their own LEGO-robots. Talk about innovative leap: strengthened relationship, better understanding and customer insights as well as a renewed hype around their products. Just have a look at the clip I found on YouTube.

Today, it seems like many companies and organizations actually try to use internet based games, as an open innovation approach, gaining better understanding of behavior and demand. Another example on how games can be used to get better insights and ideas is how the UK Department of Labor launched a game-like application called ”Idea Street” aiming at collect new insights from their 120 000 users. Read more here.

Innovation 2.0

torsdag, mars 31st, 2011

As we speak there is a new trend rising providing us with opportunities or threats, depending on what side of the fence you are mentally located. Let’s first back the tape a bit. Take a moment and ask yourself “why are people launching apps on Android and iTunes in numbers close to impossible to believe”?

  • Is it to give away apps for free making the world a better place?
  • To earn money?
  • To be seen and confirmed?

I think it is because it is possible, and the evolution takes care of the rest. But the most intressting is the consequence. The platforms used, Android and iTunes, are in practical terms nothing else that innovation frameworks moving Apples and Googles R&D departments to be carried out by their customers. For free. And the good part is that due to the number of downloads a self-correcting (evolutionary) process promote the best and strongest innovations at the same time as it is prototyped, tested, refined and commercialized. Actually, it is a perfect innovation process driven from outside and in – to no cost except from the platform. This is Innovation 2.0.