Management by Pippi Longstocking

Recently José Angel Gurria at OECD pointed out Sweden’s finances as strong as  Pippi Longstocking, quite fun… That led me to think about Pippi and her philosophy realizing that it might actually be applicable on managing a company.

Imaging Pippi in the South Seas and translate that into business:

  1. Always believe you can do it, nothing is impossible (Rescue her father imprisoned by cruel pirates in the pirate town of Porto pilus)
  2. Always challenge yourself, never give up (Transform a bed and a balloon into an aircraft)
  3. Define a clear mission (Bring her father home)
  4. Enroll people, give them a vision and set an objective (invite Tommy and Annika to an awarding and adventurous journey)
  5. Be fair, be justice and be caring (do not kill the cruel pirates, just take what’s yours)


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