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Awarded as Global Top 100 CEO

söndag, maj 13th, 2018

Speaker at The Global Peter Ducker Forum

lördag, juli 30th, 2016

DruckerForum artwork GPDF16_Visual_Aula_newI am very proud to announce that I have been appointed as a speaker at the most important forum for global entrepreneurship – The Global Peter Ducker Forum in Vienna. This year’s theme will be “The Entrepreneurial Society” and renowned personalities from the business world such as Alexander Osterwalder, Steve Blank, Clayton Christensen and Philip Kotler will attend this year’s edition of the Forum. Also read my blog post at Drucker Forum  ”Simultaneous Innovation Capability”, a piece of work based on key findings from more than 1,000 companies in 62 countries in all continents.

For more information about the Forum read here.

Awarded as CEO of the year 2016

fredag, maj 27th, 2016


I am proud to announce that I have been awarded by Business Worldwide Award in the two categories ‘Most Innovative CEO Sweden 2016’ and ‘Growth Strategy CEO of the Year Sweden 2016’. Thanks to all wonderful colleges at Innovation360 making this kind of award possible and meaningsful. Read the full interview made by Business Worldwide here.

Business Worldwide is a comprehensive source of timely, accurate and reliable market intelligence on trading in today’s global corporate marketplace. Our quarterly magazine and online news portal enables an established audience of corporate dealmakers to track the latest trends and developments affecting international markets, corporate transactions, business strategy and changes in legislation. This readership includes of C-suite executives & directors of some of the world’s top companies, – Banks, Corporate Lawyers and Venture Capital/Private Equity Companies.

Awarded with Deal of the Year Award 2015

fredag, februari 12th, 2016

The Innovation 360 client, Netsafe International, a company known by its expert services within the areas data communications, IT security, data centers and operator networks, was acquired by  Danish company Conscia AS during 2015.

The acquisition and merge was part of  well structured innovative business and market strategy that aimed to integrate and complement the best of each company into a new consortium that expands Conscia’s market to Sweden and that has as a goal to be the strongest provider of  system integration of network services in Sweden.

Netsafe International and Conscia A/S are two well known companies within their specialty area, being certified Cisco Golden partners. Therefore the acquisition was a proccess that complemented both companies’ capacities to make them stronger. Quting AI (the organisation awarding the deal of the year) there ”was a strategic fit between the two companies and their agendas”.

The acquisition from the Danish company Conscia has as a goal to make Netsafe,  the leading company within system integration of network services that caters for the most demanding clients in Sweden. It resulted in a profitable business, with a turnover equal to half a billion Swedish Crowns, in a period of 5 years.

The selling team was represented by NetSafe’s founder and CEO Emanuel Lipschütz, Magnus Penker Chairman and strategy consultant and CEO to Innovation 360 Group, as well as lawyer Peter Hummelblad from firm Wåhlin and was the final of a well planned and strategi agenda. Conscia was represented by  the company owners and Danish VC.

The positive results of this purchase has been awarded by the Acquisition International granting of the Deal of the Year Award 2015 to Netsafe International and it´s team due to a successful transaction.

For a full article regarding the acquisition go to the Acquisition International Deal of the Year Award 2015 website.

Innovation360 Group open US Office in Washington DC & Tysons, VA

torsdag, november 12th, 2015


13th of November 2015
Washington DC & Tysons, VA
Stockholm, Sweden


Swedish Firm with “Game-Changing” Innovation Technology Opens US Office

Demand drives Swedish Innovation Technology company, Innovation360 Group, to open first US Office in Washington DC. CEO Magnus Penker announced the opening of the Tysons Corner, VA office at executive meetings in Washington DC during a recent visit. The demand for measurable improvement in Innovation Acceleration and Achievement drives the decision to establish US Operations. The immediate goal is to functionally replicate the company’s HQ office in Stockholm as rapidly as possible.

Magnus & Rick nov 2015Echoing recent pronouncements from global leaders in business and government, Mr. Penker stated, “The future belongs to the Innovators.” He went on to say that the key to sustained innovation is the ability to quickly and accurately capture ideas – the intellectual assets of the organization – and then systematically execute on those which drive corporate value.

Hiring for the office, located in the Uber-Office facility in Tysons, has begun with the announcement that Rick Pfautz, former Air Force Officer and Business Development Executive, will lead the expansion. “Rick’s experience in US Government and Industry, complemented by his Project Management (PMP) background and success as a National Sales Leader for a Fortune 500, will help drive the growth we anticipate.” said Jens Nilsson, International Director, from Stockholm. Several highly-qualified US-based consultants with diverse backgrounds are in conversation with Innovation360Group executives already.

More information on Innovation Technology is available at

Contact details

CEO & Founder, , +46 708 200 244
US Commercial Director,, +1 800-871-1477

About Innovation 360 Group

Using research based innovation capability measurements, a huge global innovation database, evidence-based analysis and recommendations and concrete execution plans suddenly sustained innovation becomes tangible and achievable. The results of increased innovation capabilities are improved performance, profit and growth. Clients measurably improve profit and growth through improved strategy, business modelling, ideation, prototyping, commercialization and transformation of vital organizational assets. We believe that key to success is sustained innovation and the capability to rapidly execute and adopt with excellence.

Our mission is to support and strengthen the global innovation capability needed to address humanity’s grand challenges: Food, Energy, Water, Security, Global Health, Education, Environment, Poverty and Space. Our aim in line with the mission is therefore to help 1,000,000+ entrepreneurs, companies, executives and scientists all over the world to become world class innovators through providing our unique innovation measurement tool and database, InnoSurvey™, as a free-to-all digital on-line service complimented with an enterprise tool and consultancy services in order to solve the grand challenges needed to be solved.

New assignment

tisdag, juni 5th, 2012

Today it was officially launched that I will start up as the Turn-around CEO of Sweden’s largest Apple Premium Reseller, really looking forward to that! Will be great fun.

When will the nation of Facebook have their own police force?

söndag, juli 25th, 2010

July 21st Facebook announced it had 500m users. According to the Economist Facebook have started to act like a country having diplomatic relationship with nations and top politicians such as Britain’s prime minister David Cameron . I agree with the economist, Facebook is beginning to act like a nation with their own rules and laws. Like when they were asked to remove a tribute to a murderer, they refused. The question is when will we see the police force of Facebook, and when will we see the court of law?

Back in e-Learning again

onsdag, juni 2nd, 2010

Back in the 90´s I was one of the founder and the CEO of Open Training, a dynamic e-Learning company that pretty much changed the way interactive learning was applied. We sold the companyb to a Nasdaq company back in 2005, and after that I have not been involved in anything even close to e-Learning. However, a lot of things have happened since then. Maby the globalization is the most important driving forces of today’s companies where differentiation and innovation is crucial to be able to create superior value, and developing capabilities and competences is the foundation of that. The development of competences and capabilities must be efficient, speedy, flexible and scalable in order to be able to support the company’s global strategies for diffrentiation. A challange of cause. The name of the game is channel independent online learning – where you at the same time build your intellectual capital as well as developing competences and capabilities in real time anywhere in the company and over the whole companie’s values chain.

Yesterday I invested in a very dynamic e-Learning company, namely Lexicon Interactive. A company with great knowledge in channel independent communication as well as high skills in production, consulting and learning tools for the market.  After the summer I chair the company, really looking forward to that! Nice to be back. (translated with Google)

Congratulation to Estate Europe!

onsdag, maj 26th, 2010

Estate Europe’s subsidiary was elected to the company of the year in Stockholm. Believe me, as the chairman of the board, I am proud!


Gothenburg is back in business

lördag, maj 15th, 2010

Staying a few days in Gothenburg (Sweden) gave me the insight that the wheels are rolling again, thanks to Volvo and the deal with Chinese Geely and Volvo Car. Volvo is the engine of Gothenburg, close to all people have a relationship to the old traditional car manufacturing industry. Me too. Volvo Group had a fantastic quarterly result, and the deal between the sister company Volvo Car and Geely gave hope and expansion possibilities. However, something else happened, beyond that the money flows in the system again. Something cosmopolitical. Global capital has hit Gothenburg in a good way, at least for now. Volvo people I talk to tell me that they expect many Chinese people in the Volvo Car factory and the headquarter this autumn, just after the deal is finally closed with Geely. But it is not the usual jargon that you might expect from a Gothenburg citizen (which, by the way, is very funny and facetious). When talking to my old friends, business contacts and people general it is with mixed feelings they talk about Geely and Volvo. The deal can give new opportunities, new challenges, as well as potential trouble at the global arena.  One example of progress in the bilateral connection between Sweden and China is that Volvo Construction Equipment increased it export to Chine with 50% in the last year.

When standing on the main street (Avenyn) in Gothenburg late last evening, you could feel the atmosphere in the air. Excitement, curiosity, entrepreneurship and adrenalin. It is like when you graduated, you needed to pass the last exam and then the world was open to you. At least for a while… People are back in business again, the town have just graduated and passed with an A in globalization!

I keep my finger crossed, go for it!